Logistic Services for Business

Logistic Services for Business

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Logistics that complement your business
We understand that choosing a logistics partner is a crucial decision for your e-commerce business, and there should be no compromise in that. With Pidge’s adaptive logistics solutions, you can get speedy same-day deliveries in an extremely safe and secure manner. Our highly trained delivery executives make sure that your customer receives not just their package, but an exceptional experience at their doorstep. With seamless tech integration, live customer support and efficient returns management, we leave no stone unturned to help you build and manage your business reputation.

Unlock your growth potential with Pidge

Same-day pick up and delivery
In this fast-paced world, Pidge guarantees that your package is picked up and delivered on the same day to maximise your customer satisfaction. With time-bound deliveries, you can also schedule your order pick ups at the time slot you prefer.

Seamless and scalable tech integration
An open API structure and capacity to work with third party platforms ensures a quick and consistent data pass through along with customisation options. Bring intelligence to your decisions and attract various target segments according to your business needs.

Exceptional representation of your brand
Our on-roll delivery executives are highly trained for delivering a world class at-door experience to delight your customers. Well-rounded training equips them to skilfully handle and deliver your product with utmost care and safety.

Real time route optimisation
Balancing time and distance is the premise of a delightful customer experience and Pidge does that exceptionally well! Our proprietary routing algorithm can manage custom requirements at a business and time-of-day level to make the most effective decision.

Quick delivery of large order volumes
Delivering bulk orders is easier with our hybrid fleet and highly trained delivery staff. With Pidge’s efficient order management system you can scale without worrying about having an optimised order fulfillment.

Prompt query resolutions with dedicated account manager
No need to go through a long chain to resolve your queries! Your dedicated account manager will be your single point of contact to take care of all your needs, so that you don’t have to.

Improve your business margins
A transparent and competitive pricing structure empowers you to be cost-efficient and pay a standard price for all of your deliveries. With Pidge, it’s easy to assess your cost beforehand and drive profitability.

Increase profitability by reverse logistics
An efficient reverse logistics management system can act as a market differentiator for your business. With Pidge’s agile logistics solutions, you can reduce your cycle times as well as overall costs while increasing your customer satisfaction.

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